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Authors: Білявська, Людмила Григорівна
Білявський, Юрій Вікторович
Keywords: Soya, valuable oil, agriculture, indicators of grain, of protein, of fat, оf carbohydrates
Issue Date: 2019
Description: Soya is a valuable oil and grain culture of world agriculture. Significant distribution of soy on all continents in many countries of the world is due to high qualitative indicators of grain, relatively low energy intensity of its cultivation, versatility of use [1, 2]. Its seeds contain: 38–45 % of protein, 18–23 % of fat, 25– 30 % of carbohydrates, including soluble sugars – 9–12 % of the weight of seeds, starch – 3–9 %, fiber – 3–7 %, about 2 % phosphatides, 4–7 % of inorganic substances, trace elements, enzymes and vitamins.
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