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Title: Parametric synthesis of 3D structure of SRR element of the metamaterial
Authors: Слюсарь, І.І.
Слюсар, В.І.
Уткін, Ю.В.
Копішинська, О.П.
Keywords: double negative
split ring resonator
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Description: Variants of split ring resonators (SRR) models are proposed. They are considered as unit cells of DNG metamaterials. The synthesized SRR variants are based on the implementation of 3D geometry. Efficiency assessment is carried out on the base of determination of the relative bandwidth δ fDNG, in which the DNG properties are observed. Since metamaterials are complex composite structures, instead of analytical calculations, the Finite Element Method (FEM) is used to estimate the electromagnetic properties of SRR. The adequacy of the proposed SRR model is confirmed by the coincidence of the obtained results in the particular case with the corresponding estimates of the base model. At the same time, the influence of the geometric parameters of the SRR components (orientation and size of the conductor; axial rotation of the rings, subtract material) on the effectiveness of the decisions was investigated. The use of 3D-based constituent elements in SRRs allowed us to achieve a 10 times increase in δ fDNG compared to the base prototype.
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