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Title: Technological standardization
Authors: Кириченко, Ірина Анатолійовна
Морнєва, Марина Олегівна
Кашура, Анатолій Володимирович
Попов, Станіслав Вячеславович
Keywords: standardization
unified standards
Issue Date: 2015
Description: The article presents the analysis of modern principles of technological standardization. The output of the main tasks and issues to solve technological standardization, the objects of its activity. Highlight that different types of serial production can use the same principles of standardization and unification, but on a fundamentally different technology machine tool equipment. The output stages of the process, which is used standardization - unification, typification. The selected criteria for evaluation of the effectiveness of standardization, in particular - impact on the technological cycle of production. Solved most progressive use of the preparation process in parallel with the current or the partial mitigation for the release of resources for a new process. The methodology standards development processes - separation from complex to simple to obtain the smallest indivisible elements of technology in compliance with the technological sequence of the entire process, creating databases of standards, the standard process maps, route maps.
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