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Title: Modified Hexanit cutters for knurling of cylindrical shaft sections
Authors: Коробко, Богдан Олегович
Васильєв, Анатолій Володимирович
Попов, Станіслав Вячеславович
Васильєв, Анатолій Володимирович
Keywords: diamond smoothing
Issue Date: 2020
Description: The possibility of using conventional cutters, in which the super-hard materials Hexanit R acts as the material for the diamond knurling of shaft sections made of steel 10, has been investigated. It is recommended to use damaged replaceable tips with super- hard material as tool blanks, which requires either re-grinding or recycling. The possibility of restoring the working properties of such cutters by regrinding is established, provided that the core of the tool is precisely located relative to the axis of rotation of the workpiece. The design of tooling in the form of a mandrel for fixing the tool on a lathe is proposed. It allows flexible clamping of the tool to the workpiece. Design and operational processing parameters are recommended for diamond knurling using tips made of superhard Hexanit-R material: knurler radius – 5 mm; clamping forces – 200 N; feed – 0.05 mm/rev; workpiece rotation frequency – 630 rpm. According to the knurling results, the roughness was Ra 0.8 μm when lubricated with I-20A mineral industrial oil. An increase in the number of passes greater than four did not lead to a significant improvement in surface roughness. No signs of wear, damage to the working surface of the tool after an operating time of 40 hours were found.
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