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Authors: Sharavara, Tamara
Sharavara, Roman
Keywords: the Russian empire, Naddniprianska Ukraine, higher education reforms, government offi cials of the conservative camp, government offi cials of the liberal camp, studentship, professorate, the public
Issue Date: 2018
Description: The article deals with the process of the development and introduction of higher education reforms in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the territory of the Russian Empire. Considering the fact that Naddniprianska Ukraine was a part of the empire, all the reform processes of that time had an effect on its higher educational institutions. The introduction of university charters in 1863, 1884 and attempts to establish the reforms in 1905 are examined. At present, historical retrospection is extremely important, as the current course of education reforms in Ukraine refl ects the same problems that the generation of reformers of the past faced. In the middle of the 19th century as well as even today there are three issues that remain urgent: the level of state intervention in education; rights and opportunities of students and their participation in decision-making; the level of adopting European practices and management principles. Modern reformers are actively trying to solve them. Therefore, the paper presents their analysis, taking into account above all the evaluation of participants of the reform process of the specifi ed period, the then professors, politicians and the public. The mistakes made by offi cials are analysed and the depth of the acquired experience is discussed. Special attention is given to the struggle for the concept of reforms between government representatives of liberal and conservative views. The recommendations for modern authors and initiators of education reforms in Ukraine are presented.
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