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Назва: Influence of thermal processing by steam convector of the pickled game meat
Автори: Пешук, Людмила Василівна
Будник, Ніна Василівна
Галенко, Олег Олександровия
Горбач, Олександр Ярославович
Ключові слова: Game meat Ready-to cook Barbecue game meat, Converter
Дата публікації: лют-2018
Опис: The aim of researches was a rationale of possibility of the use of different methods of thermal processing in technology of the pickled readyto cook foods from wild game meat and determination of its optimal regimes. Materials and methods. Technology of thermal processing of the pickled ready-to cook product, meat of wild boar, marinades, barbecue is investigated after use of the different methods of thermal processing. For determination of content of iron the sulfosalicylic method of determination of oxide of iron is used, and for determination of the content of zinc is used inverse voltamperometric method. The method of determination of infra-red spectrums with the help of device of "Infrapid" is used. Results. The food value of meat of wild animals was estimated by physical and chemical indexes. It is set that on physical and chemical indexes meat of wild animals doesn't yields to meat of agricultural animals – pork and beef, but prevail in content of albumen on 2,9–6,8%. It's proven on that amino acid composition of meat of wild wild boar does not yield to pork, and by such amino acids, as a valine, isoleucine, leucine, threonine and tryptophane considerably prevails it. Also it prevails pork by the total amount of irreplaceable and replaceable amino acids on 2,45 and 0,81 g/100 g of protein accordingly, and its albuminous quality index is higher on 0,35 g/100 g. The comparative estimation of influence of different methods of thermal treatment on the output of barbecue educed advantages of the use of steam convector and microwave owen compared with traditional frying and steaming. Decline of losses of content of moisture in the finished product on 23% after processing in steam convector serves as reason of increase of output of barbecue. L. Peshuk , O. Gorbach, O. Galenko, N.Budnik. Influence of thermal processing by steam convector of the pickled game meat Ukrainian Journal of Food Science «Food Science and Technology Ab-stracts». Kyiv : National University of Food Technologies , 2018. Issue. 2, volume 6 . P. 205-217.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://dspace.pdaa.edu.ua:8080/handle/123456789/6752
ISBN: ISSN 2409–4951(Online)
ISSN 2310–1008 (Print)
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