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Title: Maintenance of a loaded capability of reinforced concrete console girders of the VIP-grandstand at the stadium “Vorskla” in Poltava city
Other Titles: Забезпечення несучої здатності залізобетонних консольних ригелів VIP-трибуни стадіону «Ворскла» у місті Полтава
Обеспечение несущей способности железобетонных консольных ригелей VIP-трибуны стадиона «Ворскла» в городе Полтава
Authors: Горик, Олексій Володимирович
Ковальчук, Станіслав Богданович
Keywords: technical condition
carcass of grandstand structure
reinforced concrete girders
reserve of loaded capability
strengthening system
fold iteration model
girder deflections
технічний стан
каркас трибунної споруди
залізобетонні ригелі
резерв несучої здатності
система підсилення
ітераційна модель згину
прогини ригеля
техническое состояние
каркас трибунного сооружения
железобетонные ригели
резерв несущей способности
система усиления
итерационная модель изгиба
прогибы ригеля
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Publisher: Державний науково-дослідний інститут будівельних конструкцій
Series/Report no.: Наука та будівництво;1(15)'
Abstract: The work is devoted to topical issues of a maintenance and renewal of a normal technical condition of constructional parts of the grandstand structure of the stadium “Vorskla” in Poltava city. The object of the research is reinforced concrete console girders of carcass frames of the stadium guest grandstand. Because of failed designing decisions connected with the reconstruction, these elements are practically at the end of their estimated reserve of loaded capability and require its improvement through arrangement of the construction strengthening. The optimal strengthening system in which the removal of the girder console part is limited by an additional elastic support with a preliminary compression force has been suggested. The transmission of the load estimated part to the elastic support of the strengthening system allowed to redistribute internal forces decreasing the estimated moment of flection on the supporting structure and in the bay avoiding a change of its sign. It is identified that in the process of the elastic element installment the intensity of the formed preliminary compression force will decrease by means of a girder secondary deflection. The estimates of its deflections taking into account a concentrated force formed by a working element of the strengthening system has been made for consideration of additional related deformation of the strengthening system and the girder. When identifying deflections, the reinforced concrete girder was considered as a composite discrete-heterogeneous bar made of homogeneous concrete matrix reinforced by very strong steel phases. It gave the possibility to take constitutive relation of the iteration movable model of the fold of composite discrete-heterogeneous bars as a basis of the reinforced girder deformation analysis under the conditions of limited deformation. General solutions of defining equations are received independently for each section of different stiffness. Received solutions at the stage of consideration of boundary conditions were adjusted by means of balancing of linkage and static deformation parameters at the edge of analyzing sections. Received amounts of deflections allowed to identify necessary constructive sizes of the strengthening system, with which the given level of the preliminary compression force in the working element is promoted in the designing position of the working element.
ISSN: 2313-6669
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