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Authors: Дубова, Галина Євгеніївна
Єгоров, Богдан Вікторович
Безусов, Анатолій Тимофійович
Воскобойник, Валентина Іванівна
Keywords: aromatization, nanotechnology, development, factors, food
Issue Date: 2017
Description: A review of food production based on development of nanotechnologies, as well as promising and cautioning publications on nanotechnologies in the food sector is presented. On the basis of the literary analysis, the future impact of nanotechnologies on the evolution of the aromatization process of food products is predicted. It has been determined that the peculiarity of the development mentioned above lies in the use of plant enzymes and / or flavor precursors in the nanoscale range. The example of enzymatic breakdown of polyunsaturated fatty acids of plant cell membranes as one of the ways of creating fresh flavor of many fruits, namely C6-C9 aldehydes and alcohols, is considered. It is noted that green fresh aromatic ingredients are needed to improve the organoleptic profile of foods from heattreated vegetables, melons and gourds. The following factors affecting the development of food aromatization are defined: the decreased differentiation of principles of healthy nutrition and fast food, repetition of natural processes of aroma formation, application of wild green leafy vegetables, and evolution of medical nutrition. The innovations in food aromatization are aimed at quality nutrition, time saving, recreation and entertainment, meeting specific needs (vegetarian dishes, restrictive diets).
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3_11_2017кор вар.pdf11. Dubova H. Study of factors affecting development of food aromatization /H. Dubova,B. Yegorov, A. Bezusov , V. Voskoboinyk // Food Science and Technology. –Volume 11. – Issue 3/2017. – Kherson : FPP Grin D.S., .P. – 17-23.610.05 kBAdobe PDFView/Open

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