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Title: Aggregation-Induced Emission In Organic Nanoparticles: Properties And Applications: A Review
Authors: Короткова, Ірина Валентинівна
Сахно, Тамара Вікторівна
Кучмій, Степан Ярославович
Сахно, Ю.
Гранчак, В.М.
Keywords: aggregation-induced emission, aggregation-induced enhanced emission, fluorescent organic nanoparticles
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Description: Data on the aggregation-induced emission (AIE) of organic nanoparticles are summarized. The mechanisms for the appearance of AIE in nanoparticles with a wide variety of molecular structure including hydrocarbons, compounds with heteroatoms, and organometallic complexes as well as the major factors determining the efficiency of luminescence in the solid state are examined. Applied aspects of the use of AIE are discussed
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