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Title: The efficiency of humic growth stimulators in pre-sowing seed treatment and foliar additional fertilizing of sown areas of grain and industrial crops
Authors: Marenych, Mykola, Volodymyr, Oleksandr, Yuliia, Iryna, Antonina Hanhur, Len, Hangur, Zhornyk, Kalinichenko
Keywords: fertilizing, humic substances, plant development, seed treatment
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2019
Description: The aim of the research was to establish the effectiveness of preparations, made on the basis of humic and fulvic acids on the yields of crops in case of different methods and amounts used. The experiments were held with varieties and hybrids of winter wheat, soya, corn, and sunflower. Based on the obtained results of investigation during the period of 2015–2017, the positive impact of foliar additional fertilizing with 4R Foliar Concentrate growth stimulator on the basis of humic and fulvic acids on the formation of productivity of the main crops sown areas was established. Proceeding from the results of the research, the using of growth stimulators based on humic and fulvic acids, which contain high concentrations of these substances, can be recommended as an expedient and efficient measure of raising the productivity and improving qualitative indicators of corn, sunflower, soya, and winter wheat yields.
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