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Title: Perspectives of use of totai meat percentage as a selection criterion in pig industry of Ukraine
Authors: Kravchenko, Oksana
Getya, Andriy
Keywords: total meat percentage
lean pork
carcass quality
selection criterion
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers
Citation: Kravchenko O., Getya A.Perspectives of use of total meat percentage as a selection criterion in pig industry of Ukraine//Book of Abstracts of the 66th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. - No.21 (2015)- P.168.
Abstract: The demand for lean pork is being increased in Ukraine for recent years. This tendency is taken into consideration by the pig industry which improves housing- and feeding technology. At the same time specialized genotypes, including imported animals from different countries, became more and more popular. Over the last 10 years the average daily gain in Ukrainian pig farms increased by 1.96 times. But due to an outdated payment system for the animals delivered to slaughterhouses one of the main criteria for the carcass quality assessment, namely ‘total meat percentage’ (TMP), is not evaluated. To analyse the carcass quality based on TMP and to prove the need of involvement of this trait into Ukrainian breeding programs 7,246 pigs from 12 farms in central Ukraine were slaughtered. The measurements o f TMP were done using CGM-device. The average weight of carcasses of gilts and castratcs was 88.38 kg and 89.03 kg respectively. The TMP o f carcasses o f gilts was 59.30% and o f castrates 57.60%. Despite the fact that according to Ukrainian classification system all carcasses were related to the 2nd class, a considerable variation o f total meat percentage was established. So, the average value of this trait in the worst 30% carcasses o f gilts and castrates was 50.00±1.22% and 48.50± 1.19% respectively while in best 30% - 64.50±0.76% and 64.00±0.91%. The difference between 30% best and 30% worst carcasses o f gilts and castrates was 14.5% and'l 5.5% respectively (P<0.001). Understanding the importance of trait TMP for efficiency of pig industry the implementation o f European payment system is needed as well as integration of this trait into breeding programs o f Ukrainian genetic companies.
ISBN: 978-90-8686-269-6
ISSN: 1382-6077
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