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Title: Ecologization of tillage methods with the aim of soil fertility improvement
Authors: Pysarenko, V.M.
Chayka, T.O.
Gorb, O.O.
Pestsova-Svitalka, O.S.
Yasnolob, I.O.
Pomaz, O.M.
Keywords: Minimum tillage
Organic farming
Soil fertility
Agricultural lands
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Ukrainian Journal of Ecology
Abstract: The development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine in recent years has had a stable and positive direction of growth, there is an increase in the rate of agricultural production. At the same time, these positive trends in the volume of production have a negative impact on the natural environment, because they are carried out through intensive technologies, increasing the impact on it, that threatens the existence of present and future generations.
Description: The results of the analysis of tillage systems used by farmers of the leading countries of the world testify that technologies which involve minimization of the depth of cultivation and the combination of carring out technological operations are widely used. The use of the latest technologies allows to reduce production expenses preserving product quality and impact on the natural environment.
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