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Title: Формирование хозяйственно ценных признаков ячменя ярового в зависимости от сорта.
Authors: Баган, Алла Василівна
Keywords: variety, yield, ear length, number of grains in an ear, weight of grain from an ear, weight of 1000 grains, glassiness, protein content.
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Series/Report no.: 52 (1);
Abstract: The experiments have established that yield, its stability and quality depend upon genetic variety potential as well as soil and climatic conditions, biotic factors of environment and anthropogenic effects on the cultivated crop. Increase of barley yield and quality is greatly important for growth of barley grain production. Firstly, it depends on new varieties’ selection and introduction. In production conditions of Poltava region (forest-steppe zone) the level of manifestation of economically valuable characteristics and yield of spring barley depending on variety has been studied. During 2015-2017 yield level and the main indices of productivity and quality of spring barley for grain production (ear length, number of grains in an ear, weight of grain from an ear, weight of 1000 grains, glassiness, protein content) were investigated. Five varieties of domestic selection have been studied on the basis of these characteristics. High-yield spring barley varieties have been singled out by the dispersion analysis. According to the results of studying economically valuable characteristics, spring barley varieties Sviatogor and Incliusyv have been recommended to grow in order to get high yield and grain of high quality.
Description: В производственных условиях Полтавской области на протяжении 2015--2017 годов изучали уровень формирования хозяйственно ценных признаков ячменя ярового. Материалом исследований было пять сортов ячменя ярового: Виклик, Псел, Юкатан, Инклюзив, Святогор. Как стандарт использовали сорт Виклик.
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