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Title: Assessment of available potential of agro - biomass and energy crops phytomass for biofuel production in Ukraine
Other Titles: [In book]: Odnawialne źródła energii. Teoria i praktyka. Tom II (pod redakcją Izabeli Pietkun-Greber i Pawła Ratusznego).
Authors: Kalinichenko, Antonina
Kalinichenko, Oleksandr
Kulyk, Мaksym
Keywords: energy
energy crops
plant biomass
energy capacity
energy potential
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: COTI Conference Time
Series/Report no.: Tom II;P. 163-179
Abstract: Scientific article carefully examines publications concerning the problem of using biomass as a renewable energy source in Ukraine. It is necessary to introduce plant recourses into fuel and energy complex of our country. Purpose. Assess the available potential of agrobiomas and phytomass of energy crops for the production of biofuels in Ukraine. Methods. Field study, laboratory analysis, analytical approach. Results. The article presented detailed assessment technique, determined potential and calculated energy efficiency of using agro-biomass and energy crops phytomass for biofuel production in Ukraine. During the years of the experiment energy crops had much more yield of equivalent fuel than agro-biomass of agricultural crops had. According to energy potential energy willow, silver grass (Miscanthus giganteus) and switch grass (Panicum virgatum) provide the greatest yield of equivalent fuel ( in the range of 8.4 - 18.7 t eq. f./ha) in comparison with plant residues of field crops. Conclusions. Use of agro-biomass as well as energy crops phytomass for biofuel production allows to decrease Ukraine energy dependence upon non-renewable energy sources and to increase population welfare.
ISBN: 978-83-943189-1-8
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