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Title: BIO–GEL – a new type of organic fertilizer
Other Titles: W Monografii: Innowację w naukach ściałych (pod red. Ł. Szałata, J. Doskocz)
Authors: Osypenko, Serhii
Kalinichenko, Antonina
Keywords: organic fertilizer
soil bacteria
native microflora
non-chemical humates
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Wyd-wo: Nauka i biznes
Series/Report no.: ;P. 78-95
Abstract: A new technology for the production of the BIO-GEL organic fertilizer which is based on physical phenomena with no chemicals used has been suggested. The technology involves reproduction of “wild” microorganisms in peat, biohumus, sapropel, fertile soil. In the course of the production process natural bacteria are hardened at temperatures above 70° С and at low temperatures below -20° С. BIO-GEL has combined the previously incompatible properties of inoculants, fungicides and humates. Field studies conducted for several years on sandy testing grounds at extremely high temperatures in the south of Ukraine have shown that the new fertilizer has pronounced properties of a natural herbicide, acts as a natural adaptogen, especially efficient after chemical weeding and under extreme weather conditions, intensifies herbicide effect enabling its dose reduction by 30-50%, increases crop yield by 8-38%. Experiments were carried out on cereals, legumes, vegetables, melons, forest plantations, including organic farming. The experiments included both seed treatment and plant treatment during vegetation. In addition we have studied the effect of the biological preparation against the control when used alone or in combination with known chemical weed and pest killers.
ISBN: 978-83-947095-6-3
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