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dc.contributor.authorBrzozowska, Anna-
dc.contributor.authorBubel, Dagmara-
dc.contributor.authorKalinichenko, Antonina-
dc.contributor.authorNekrasenko, Larysa-
dc.identifier.issn0139-570X (Print)-
dc.identifier.issn1805-9295 (On-line-
dc.description.abstractTh e paper is an attempt to address the advantages and risks connected with the wave of fi nancial globalisation, with a focus on its impact on fi nancial policy in European agriculture. The aim of the paper is to identify the basic conditions of the functioning and change of the fi nancial system of agriculture under the conditions of the globalisation of fi nancial markets. Financial globalisation, also referred to as fi nancial integration or openness, is understood as an increase in global ties and interdependences caused by capital fl ows. Potentially, globalisation can bring a lot of benefi ts, which are manifested in an acceleration of economic growth and decreased fl uctuation in consumption, which should further improve the level of overall prosperity. On the other hand, however, internationalisation of fi nancial fl ows entails a range of threats, including the possibility of crisis.uk_UA
dc.publisherAgricultural Economics (AGRICECON)uk_UA
dc.subjectbudget deficituk_UA
dc.subjecteconomic crisisuk_UA
dc.subjectfood marketsuk_UA
dc.subjectmonetary policyuk_UA
dc.subjectpublic debtuk_UA
dc.titleTransformation of the agricultural financial system in the age of globalisationuk_UA
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