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Authors: Маркіна, Ірина Анатоліївна
Markina, Iryna
Fedirets, Oleg
Sazonova, Tetiana
Kovalenko, Maryna
Ostashova, Valeriia
Keywords: Energy Saving
Cost Minimization
Production Efficiency
Production Cost
Enterprise Management
Entrepreneurship Education
Educational Restructuring
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Journal of Entrepreneurship Education
Series/Report no.: ;21
Abstract: In today's conditions of society development, the problem of ensuring the economic efficiency of any enterprise functioning has a very important place in scientific research and management practice. The exhaustion of the world's organic fuel reserves, increase of power capacity and volumes of energy consumption and the growth of socioeconomic instability in some oil-producing regions of the planet are the cause of the permanent energy crisis. In this regard, this article introduces solutions, defined as changing of the education paradigm regarding the power economy towards the use of energy that will enable the production of the maximum amount of products at minimum energy costs. Thus, the research looks at the ways how to reduce energy consumption. For the achievement of the goal, special calculations were made. An analysis of the work of specialists on the subject was carried out. A comparative analysis of the production of agricultural products of Ukraine was carried out. As a result, the process of forming an energy-efficient strategy for enterprises is described
Description: Markina I. Formation of Energy Efficient Strategy of Enterprise Management [Electronic resource] / Iryna Markina, Oleg Fedirets, Tetiana Sazonova, Maryna Kovalenko, Valeriia Ostashova // Journal of Entrepreneurship Education – Volume 22, Special Issue 1. – Mode access: (Scopus).
ISSN: 1098-8394
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