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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Evaluation of biogas production and usage potentialKalinichenko, Antonina; Havrysh, Valery; Perebyynis, Vasyl
2016Investigation of the resistance of different varieties of buckwheat to infectious diseases after the pre-sowing treatment of seeds and vegetating plants with biological preparationsDemchenko, Oleksandr; Shevchuk, V.; Yuzvenko, L.; Boyko, O.; Babenko, L.; Mokrozub, V.; Lazarenko, L.; Kalinichenko, Antonina; Boyko, A.
2016The sensitivity of buckwheat plants to pathogens under conditions of mixed viral and mycoplasmal infectionDemchenko, O.A.; Shevchuk, V.K.; Yuzvenko, L.V.; Boyko, O.A.; Babenko, L.P.; Lazarenko, L.M.; Kalinichenko, Antonina; Boyko, A.L.
2017-04Decentralized social and economic network as an alternative economic relations development in societyNekrasenko, Larysa; Brzozowska, Anna; Kalinichenko, Antonina; Lazurenko, Bogdan
2016The creation of modern system of informational-advisory support as a necessary condition for the development of rural areas.Chekhlatyi, Oleksandr; Galych, Oleksandr; Kalinichenko, Antonina
2016Managing Integrated Systems of Information Streams Within Agrarian EnterprisesKalinichenko, Antonina; Minkova, Olha; Sakalo, Viktor; Vakulenko, Yuliia
2015Soil Microbial Activity and Functional Diversity in Primeval Beech Forests.Symochko, Lyudmila; Patyka, Volodymyr; Symochko, Vitaly; Kalinichenko, Antonina
2015Analyzing the strategies used in media discourse managementBrzozowska, Anna; Kalinichenko, Antonina; Kabus, Judyta
2015Communication management in the aspect of the food industry.Brzozowska, Anna; Bubel, Dagmara; Kalinichenko, Antonina
2015Tendencies in financing the agricultural and food sector under the common agricultural policyBrzozowska, Anna; Bubel, Dagmara; Kalinichenko, Antonina