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Title: Свиноводство Украины – этапы развития, продуктивность животных и качество продукции
Authors: Войтенко, Светлана Леонидовна
Вишневский, Леонид Васильевич
Петренко, Сергей Николаевич
Keywords: pigs
tribal resources
hybrid pigs
meat and bacon estimation by physico-chemical indicators
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Zootehnie şi Biotehnologii agricole : materialele Simpozionului Ştiinţific Internaţional "85 ani ai Facultăţii de Agronomie – realizări şi perspective", dedicat aniversării a 85 de ani de la fondarea Universităţii Agrare de Stat din Moldova
Series/Report no.: 52 (2);
Abstract: The article shows the main stages of the development of pig production in Ukraine, the current state and problems faced by the industry after the transition to a market economy. It is established that basically pork is produced in industrial enterprises using almost two breeds - large white and landrace. A very complex condition in local domestic breeds, which are bred in one or two farms. The productivity of pigs in breeding farms is characterized, as well as the results of studies to determine the quality of meat and lard of swine of different species, breeds and breeds. It is proved that the most significant indicator of the quality of meat, which determines the price policy, is still the maintenance of muscle fat and its caloric content. It is concluded that there is some difference between the genotypes, but it can not be said that the meat or fat of a particular breed or species is not suitable for use, either in its pure form or in various products.
ISBN: 978-9975-64-302-3.
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