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Title: Social innovations of local self-government on the territory of Ukraine at the end of theXIXth – beginning of the XXth centuries: historical aspect.
Authors: Sharavara, Tamara
Keywords: Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary, Ukraine, local self-government, the provincial council (zemstvo), povit (district) zemstvo.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Science and Education a New Dimension. Humanities and Social Sciences
Series/Report no.: 109;
Abstract: The formation of all-nobility elected local self-governing bodies on the territory of Ukraine has been analyzed. These bodies – zemstvos were created as a result of 1864 reform. Attention is paid to the social problems of different level which were solved by zemstvos in the second half of the XIXth – the beginning of the XXth centuries; their approach to work and selfnessness can be the example to contemporaries. Their activities connected with equipping zemstvo schools, orphanages, hospitals, and providing them with medicines, job placement of doctors and fighting children mortality, organizing fire prevention measures, instructive work, developing veterinary medicine, repairing roads during World War I, and solving other urgent social problems even outside their competence had positive results.
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