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Title: Algae in urban water bodies – control of growth and use as a biomass
Authors: Antonina Kalinichenko, Pavlo Pisarenko and Maksym Kulyk
Keywords: algae, ecological balance, water bodies,biofuels, energy, oils,
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: E3S Web of Conferences 45, 00028 (2018) INFRAEKO 2018
Abstract: Abstract. Enhancing the ecology security of Ukraine and other develop-ing countries is predetermined by the environmental problems of cities. It prompts studies on the contamination of city’s and adjacent water bodies. The control of blue-green algae distribution and the use of its biomass for production of the biofuels, energy, oils, medicine, etc. is one of the con-tributing factors to the well-balanced development of infrastructure of cit-ies. The intensity of the processes of eutrophication and the species com-position of the algae, which cause algal blooming, was investigated based on data of the Vorskla River in Poltava city (Ukraine). Relevant methods, statistical data of Ukrainian Environmental Service, personal observations, laboratory analysis and analytical studies were applied for the study. The comparative estimation of influence of separate biogenic and chemical substances on eutrophication processes was carried out. The approaches for prevention of processes of water bloom have been presented. The mecha-nism of using the species composition of algae as an indicator of the state of eutrophication processes was studied.
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