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Authors: Samoilyk, Iuliia
Nitsenko, Vitaliy
Bilan, Iuriy
Keywords: development; agri-food market; synergy; globalization of the economy.
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Scientific bulletin of Polissia
Series/Report no.: № 3 (11);
Abstract: Urgency of the research. Industry-specific features are the core aspects in the development of economic systems, thus, each segment of the national market must be considered taking into account these specific features. Target setting. Globalization of the economy brings in new challenges to national economy. New development de-terminants and mechanisms of the agro-food market arise under the conditions of economy’s globalization, thus requir-inge additional research. Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. De-velopment of the agri-food market attracts attention of many scholars. In particular, related questions have been consid-ered by O. Hubar, V. Virchenko, Y. Pryhozhyn, A. Toynbee, O. Spengler, O. Berezin, N. Datsenko, Ye. Kyrylyuk, T. Burns, DeVillé, I. Skavronska, M. Šoltés and others. Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. The main determinants, methods, levers and preconditions for the development and effective integration of the national agri-food market into the international space and global environment. The research objective. The purposes of the study are: - to reveal the essence of the agri-food market develop-ment; - to identify the peculiarities of this process under the con-ditions of economy’s globalization; - to identify the synergies and developments in the func-tioning of the agri-food market; - to construct a conceptual model for the development of the agri-food market in the context of economy’s globalization. The statement of basic materials. The article offers the authors’ own approach to the category “development” taking into account the globalization approach, The conceptual model of the agri-food market develop-ment under the conditions of economy’s globalization has been developed and presented here. Conclusions. The conceptual model of the agri-food market includes such elements as the vector of development, the preconditions for development, the scope of development, the level of development, the groups of levers and methods, the result of development. An efficient model involves systemic development, which has a stable vector, based on the synergy effect and internal potential of the economic system and it also encompasses the global level.
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